What to expect

  • A professional consultancy service tailored to your individual needs, that is enjoyable and informative
  • In an initial phone or email conversation, Katherine will discuss your needs and determine how she can help
  • Prior to visiting your property, Katherine may email you an online questionnaire for more information (eg: birth dates, the year the building was built), to allow her to prepare before coming onsite
  • Katherine then spends 4 hours on-site with you, “reading” the property with Feng Shui wisdom and intuitive energy sensing
  • Katherine’s guidance will show you how to enhance positive energies and reduce negative influences
  • Advice could include furniture layout and arrangements, colour recommendations, and other decorating ideas, as well as suggestions for garden and outdoor areas
  • Specialist services included as required: EMR (Electro Magnetic Radiation) testing, basic testing of geopathic stress in the land and Space Clearing to clear energies left by previous occupants and events
  • An I Ching reading can be included to provide more clarity where needed
  • With the comprehensive services, you are posted a full written report within a week of the consultation
  • Email and phone support available for 6 weeks after the consultation*

Satisfaction guaranteed or full refund

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