Benefits of feng shui for you

We would not even contemplate moving our home or businesses without first having them Feng Shui’d by Katherine. Following her advice has improved our sleep, prosperity and made our living spaces more conducive to wellbeing.
P. & R.T., Noosaville

  • Create a peaceful and nurturing environment
  • Improved joy and harmony in relationships
  • Improved health and vitality
  • Create a clutter free premises
  • Increased awareness
  • Supporting you achieve goals and success (as an individual or in business)
  • Supporting you reach your highest potential
  • Improved sleep
  • Study and work improvements
  • A home that “feels good”
  • Clearing the energies left behind by previous owners and occupants

“We hammer wood for a house, but it is the inner space that makes it livable.”
Tao Te Ching – Lao-tzu

We wanted to sell our house and needed help! First, Katherine helped us de-clutter our lives. We managed to fill a whole storage shed with things we did not really need. We now, no longer live with clutter in our lives and things seem more simple and the house is easier to clean. Second, what amazed us most was that Katherine used the things we already owned to create a peaceful and harmonious environment. Our house had now become a home and we liked it so much we had second thoughts about selling. Our house sold for the price we wanted and we now are living our dream of self-sustainablitly in the Byron Bay hinterland. We highly recommend using Katherine’s services to sell your house or just make your home a space that reflects your lifestyle.
H.T. & S. K., Peregian Beach

The consultation confirmed that the effort to create a nurturing space is important to my well-being and success. I experienced the energy difference and the ‘feel’ creates by subtle changes to the layout of a room. I became aware of the type of energy or ‘feel’ that I had unknowingly created. And I gained confidence to trust the wisdom of my own intuition.
J.D.., Brisbane

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