About Katherine Sri

Katherine’s interest in interior design and her intuitive ability to work with energy led her to the study of Feng Shui. She has studied under a number of Feng Shui teachers including Advanced Feng Shui training under renowned Master Joseph Yu.

  • Feng Shui Foundation Course Certificate & Compass Training Course – Lyn White’s Feng Shui College of Australia
  • Feng Shui Advanced Level Course – Feng Shui Master Joseph Yu
  • Two year Feng Shui training apprenticeship with Feng Shui teacher, Vincent Thomas

She uses Form and Compass analysis, including the advanced Flying Star calculations to understand the energies of the building and the location. Katherine’s innate ability to feel energy and sense energy flow or stagnation is used intuitively in conjunction with traditional Feng Shui principals.

Katherine is also experienced in Electro Magnetic Radiation testing, earth energy Geomancy and energetic Space Clearing.

Katherine is qualified in personal energy healing modalities including:

  • Journey Therapy
  • Holographic Kinetics
  • NSR Kinesiology

All clients gain the benefits of the accumulation of wisdom Katherine has gained from a lifetime of self healing and learning to work with energy flow, both within and without.

Katherine Sri has a gift.  She came highly recommended and yet her service far exceeded my expectations.
My eyes were opened to what now seem like glaring, obvious blockages in the way I used my home for many years.  Within hours of her visit I was able to make simple changes that now support new, more healthy habits.  Her suggestions were creative and inspiring, and the space and my life now reflect new possibility and direction.  If you are ready for change than consulting Katherine is an absolute must.
T.Z., Coolum Beach

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