Services available and consultation fees


* PLUS INCLUDES email and phone support available for 6 weeks after the consultation

Standard Consultation – $299*

Detailed audit of your premises with on-site verbal recommendations.

Comprehensive Consultation – $495*

Detailed audit of your premises with on-site verbal recommendations. Also a full written report of 15 to 20 pages detailing the recommendations for your premises will be posted to you within a week.

New Home Consultation – $495*

On-site land analysis, detailed audit of your house plan, building design recommendations and a written report. Feng Shui recommendations can enhance any building design and are tailored to work with your interior design style and lifestyle.

Feng Shui Update Consultation – $90 per hour

Annual Flying Star energies change every year in a home or business premise.  Access optimum beneficial Chi energies each year with a regular Feng Shui update to your property.  An hourly rate is available, with a minimum of 2 hours.

I – Ching Readings – $50

Would you like to gain more insight and understanding in any area of your life? Available in conjunction with a Feng Shui consultation.

Pre-Purchase Appraisal – from $90

Information to assist in making a choice on properties that support your requirements
Single house – $120
Multiple houses (after first one), per hour – $90

Additional Services

These are available on an “as needed” basis:

Space Clearing of old, stagnant energies
EMR (electro-magnetic radiation) testing
Dowsing (basic) for Geopathic stress

*Please Note: Prices quotes are for the Sunshine Coast. Traveling costs apply for other areas


Feng Shui recommendations enhance well-being and thriving for you and your family. Recommendations can include: position of the house on the property, front door, layout of rooms, placement of furniture, EMR testing, environmental considerations, colours and materials, landscaping and locations of water features. All of this can assist the flow of beneficial chi energies onto your property.

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